Frequently Asked Questions

Is your data secure?

Yes. We place great importance on data protection. Waitbird uses the least amount of information needed from private customers.

Do I have to manage all of my customers on the waiting list?

No. Waitbird can be gradually and flexibly integrated.

Do I always need a smartphone?

No. Customers who spend their time waiting elsewhere need a smartphone to be contacted. Other customers can also be manually entered in Waitbird so that all those waiting can be conveniently managed in the same system.

What software do I have to install?

In order to use Waitbrid, private customers need the Waitbird app for their smartphone.

Which browsers are supported?

Google Chrome (Chromium) and Mozilla Firefox are the recommended browsers. Internet Explorer is not supported. Display errors or a lack of functionality may occur in other browsers.

Can I delete an entry on the waiting list?

Yes. Entries can be removed by both the person who created them and the person who manages the waiting list.

Can I access the waiting list from multiple computers?

Yes. The waiting list can be accessed from different computers.

Can I enter an appointment?

Waitbird is not an appointment scheduling software.

Are there interfaces to other systems?

Yes, Waitbird offers a digital connection to other products (API). Please contact us: info@waitbird.com

We use a firewall, can I use Waitbird?

This depends on the firewall configuration. In some cases the firewall prevents access to the Waitbird backend.

We use a proxy server, can I use Waitbird?

This depends on the proxy configuration. In some cases a proxy server prevents the Waitbird backend from being updated in real time.

How can I add an entry manually?

You can add a manual entry by pressing the + symbol at the top of the column.

I am not receiving a push notification?

If the app is open and you are looking at it, you will not receive any notification, only the screen of the app changes.

I don't hear a sound with the push notification?

You have turned the tones for notifications off or they are very quiet on your mobile phone.